Sunday, July 5, 2015

My Skin Journey

About three weeks ago I was in the middle of some very serious exams here in Ireland called the Leaving Cert (cue dramatic music!). During these two stressful weeks my skin was terrible, even though I've never had great skin anyway. The biggest problem I faced was dryness. My chin and nose were so flakey and felt really tight. I also broke out in spots a lot more during that time than I usually did. It really was such a horrible feeling that I sort of pinned down to the stress of exams. Something that I leant during the exams was that if your skin doesn't feel good, you don't feel good.

Having said all this, all my life I've had to deal with rosacea on my face and sensitive skin. These two weeks were the tipping point in making changes to my skincare routine. Up until then I'm not going to lie, I did not have a proper routine with set products. I just kind of used whatever products of my sister's I found in the bathroom. THIS WAS A BIG MISTAKE! I now know that it is SO important to find products that work for you and not to mismatch drugstore brands and products like I had been doing.

And so I made two major changes. The first, of course, was buying skincare products that were recommended by a professional. I purchased La Roche Posay cleansing gel, intense moisturiser and anti- blemish cream. Although these cost a lot more than I was used to spending on my skin, I believe that when it comes to your skin it's important to pay a little bit extra if it works for you. And my God, these products definitely worked for me. My skin is completely different. It feels hydrated and soft all the time. It even looks less red, so much so that recently I have stopped wearing foundation and just applied concealer! It's a miracle.

The second change I made was drinking more water. Every day I try and always have a pint glass of water beside me to keep me hydrated throughout the day. I definitely feel like this also contributed to the clearness of my skin and think that it's something that many people forget to do. Although it makes me have to go toilet so much more often, it's a small price to pay!

So that's my skin journey these past few weeks. The change has been amazing and I would never go back to my old ways of skincare. Leave a comment down below with your skin journey or the products that you find work best on your skin!


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