Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I suck at friendships. This is something that I think I'm starting to realise. Since I've left school I've found keeping in touch with my friends insanely hard. Mainly because I'm completely rubbish with messaging people. I'm not one of those people who is constantly talking to people on my phone or my laptop. I don't know why. I think that I hate conversations that aren't in real life. Like what are you suppose to message someone about? There's no flow of conversation. 

I also find myself getting more annoyed with people online. Like why didn't you reply to my message? What's with the one word answer? What am I suppose to say to 'haha'? Are you angry with me or something? And then once I see these people in person, there's no problem and everything is simple.

I hate to say it but I feel like I'm losing my friends. Even writing that is making me well up. I love them so much but since the summer began we've only got together once. And once September comes we're all going our separate ways again. 

Do you find maintaining friendships difficult? Should maintaining friends be easy, and if it's not is there a problem in the friendship? Any input would be greatly appreciated! Leave a comment below.


  1. Unfortunately, I suffer the same disorder when it comes to friendships. I have found that I actually see...absolutely none of my friends from high school. On Facebook, yeah, but actually speaking to them...not a one. Once in a while, my best friend from high school, who is a guy, will text me and ask to hang out but if I don't have money or really anything fun to go do he kind of just comes and visits me at the salon I work at for ten minutes and leaves because we really don't have much to say to each other anymore. We live different lives. I find that most of the friends that I do have come from work. That's where my girls are but I had quit that job for 6 months and barely talked to any of them, even the one that lived in the upstairs apartment above me, she is actually one of my best friends. I'm really not one to message back and forth for long periods of time. The only one I really ever talk to on a normal basis is my boyfriend and we just kind of have an open conversation, there is never really a 'goodbye, ttyl' unless it's bedtime or we actually have something to do where we say "I'll text you when I get out". If we are together though we don't even look at our phones to talk to each other lol.

    Even more unfortunate, people live different lives, make different friends, and lose touch. One of the hardest things is losing friends that were once everything in the world to you. I've gone through this situation more often than I can count. It just slowly falls apart and you aren't as close as you once were. My best friend and I (we are at odds right now), only see each other like...once every 1-3 months...one time like 6 months. It happens. I still love her but sometimes life gets in the way. I'm really sorry you are having a rough time with maintaining friendships like myself. I think for some people maintaining friendships is easy but, for others like myself, it's kind of like...out of sight, out of mind? When I was living on my own I only talked to my mom like once a week...maybe. I'm a loner though, I don't like menial conversation. I want some breadth in my communications and sometimes that just is not the case.

    I hope you find some comfort that it isn't only you who experiences this problem and also try to cope with the fact that whenever people stop communicating that it's usually just that person's role ending in your life. That role will be filled with the next person who will help you grow and learn what this life is about. It's sad but it's also really beautiful too.

    1. Thank you so much for your long comment! I loved reading it because I can relate so much <3 everything you said is pretty much my life story! It's nice to know there are other people out there who understand x