Sunday, June 12, 2016

My Bucket List

The 8th of December. That was the last date that I wrote a blog post. I'm so angry at myself. Typical me, I always start things and never carry them on. It's not like I've been busy or anything. I'm just L.A.Z.Y. 

Anyway, now that that has been addressed let's catch up.. AGAIN. Last time I wrote anything it was 2015. And now here we are half way through 2016. How crazy is that? I feel like my life is passing me by without me even realising.

Around the time of the New Year I decided to write a bucket list. It's not very long yet because I don't want to just add random things for the sake of adding them but wanted to have things that I genuinely want to do before it's too. I though that I would share that with you today (it's safe to say that none of these have been accomplished yet but there's still time.. I'm only 18!).

My Bucket List

  1.    Fall hopelessly in love
  2.    Travel the world
  3.    Have an amazing group of friends that I will know forever
  4.    Get a tattoo
  5.    Write a song
  6.    Have a song written about me
  7.    Write a novel
  8.    Learn to swim
  9.    Go to Harry Potter studios in London
  10.  Watch a West-End or Broadway musical
  11.   Go indoor skydiving
  12.   Learn to surf

I      So that's my bucket list so far. I'm sure I'll add more as I think of them and hopefully they'll get crossed off soon enough. What have you got on your bucket lists? And if you don't have one I challenge you to make one and post it. Thanks for reading as always. Leave comments, you know, if you want.

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